The Dunehogs Tribe was a tribe of hedgehogs who lived in sand hills south of the North Shores. To defend themselves against the Sea Rogues who plagued the area and captured creatures as slaves, the Dunehogs dressed as ghosts and walked on stilts to scare away intruders and protect their habitat. They patrolled the beach late at night and covered their face with white clay and their body with long robes. Their stilts make them appear to be floating on air and enhanced their ghost-like aspect.

The Dunehogs lived in roundhouses covered with sand to make them appear as dunes. They covered their tracks to and from their houses in order to conceal their dwellings. Their favorite dish was stew served with pancakes and their favorite drink was Dunehog Seafoam, a type of beer.

The Dunehogs were very adept on stilts and often organized fights, called Tussling or Spinetussling, to test their stilt balancing and their spine combat skills. Those fights were done on half-size learning stilts instead of the full size stilts used to frighten the Sea Rogues.

The Dunehogs encountered Martin the Warrior, Gonff the Mousethief and their companion in their quest to find more information about Luke the Warrior. Although their leader, Chief Dunespike, could not remember enough details to help they guided them in the right direction towards the North Shores and provided them with generous stores and supplies to help them in their journey.

The Dunehogs later assisted Martin and his friends on their trek back to Redwall Abbey by guiding them to a shortcut via the Northfork Stream. In the course of their journey, they found a copse filled with fruits and water in Mossflower Woods which they found more pleasant than the dunes and the Dunehogs decided to relocate there.

Known Tribe Members


The Dunehogs appear in The Legend of Luke.

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