Place of Origin:Sand hills south of the North Shores
Weapon: Natural Defenses and stilts
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Dunespike was the chief of a tribe of hedgehogs called the Dunehogs, who lived in dwellings disguised as dunes on the North Shores. He was the father of Murfo.

The hedgehog was already old when Martin the Warrior and his companions met him and his tribe and Dunespike suffered from a toothache which prevented him from eating sweet food. Martin used his sword and his great skills at wielding it to numb Dunespike's jaw and strike it to remove a bad tooth. Dunespike was very grateful and greeted Martin and his friends as honored guests.

Dunespike was also a champion Spinetussler. In spite of his age, he was still very agile and strong and managed to beat Doggle in a Spinetussling contest, balancing on only one stilt.

Dunespike helped Martin and his friend in their quest to find more about Luke the Warrior. While watching Folgrim, a fierce battle-weary warrior, Dunespike was reminded of a warrior mouse and his companion, a black squirrel. These turned out to be Luke the Warrior and Ranguvar Foeseeker.