Dunwing TV Series
Dunwing from the Redwall TV Series

Place of Origin:Warbeak Loft
Weapon: Natural Defenses
Death: Unknown
Appears: Redwall
Voice(s): Ellen-Ray Hennessy (Redwall)
TV Series: Season 1

Dunwing was the mother of Warbeak, widowed wife of Greytail, and sister to King Bull Sparra. She lived with the Sparra tribe on the top of Redwall Abbey in the rooftop. Dunwing helped care for Matthias when he was taken prisoner by the Sparra tribe. She also helped him escape from the roost, however semi-unsuccessful it was. Excluding Warbeak, Dunwing was the only Sparra that was kind to Matthias; this is because Matthias had returned Warbeak to her rooftop home.

After the death of King Bull Sparra, she ordered that her daughter Warbeak take his position as Queen Sparra. She and the other sparrows aided Matthias in the final battle by dropping rats into the pond.


  • In the television series, Dunwing herself took leadership of the sparrows and Warbeak came after her.