Not to be confused with Dugry.


Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Dagger
Death: Slain by Vizka Longtooth's Sea Raiders
Appears: Eulalia!

Durgy was a black-colored male rat Sea Raider serving aboard the Bludgullet under Vizka Longtooth. He, along with fellow rat, Feerog and the ferret, Grivel, planned a mutiny against Captain Vizka. Their first action was to remove Snikey, the weasel, who was a well-known spy to Vizka. It was Durgy himself who carried out the murder, stabbing him discreetly and throwing the body into the ocean while commenting that Snikey had "gone to get more skilly". It is later revealed that Glurma, the rat cook, saw the entire incident and reported it to Vizka.

When a shore party leader was to be elected, Vizka knowingly nominated all three mutineers: Feerog, Durgy and Grivel. When all three agreed that they would be willing, Vizka decided that a fight to the death would decide. Feerog immediately killed Grivel, but Durgy stabbed Feerog from behind with his dagger. Far from making Durgy shore party leader, Vizka proclaimed that he must be punished for killing three of his crewmates. The entire crew ganged up on Durgy, and it is noted that Vizka said as he heard "Durgy's last scream" that it was "a sad day indeed" for himself as Captain of the Bludgullet and there was a splash "as his (Durgy's) carcass hit the water".