Not to be confused with Dwing or Dwingo.



Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Doomwyte

Dwink was a young squirrel of Redwall Abbey, and roughly the same age as Bisky, who was a good friend of his. Later in life, he was the mate of Perrit and the father of Mittee. Initially, he was a bit on the rebellious and mischievous side, and got himself on the Abbot's Report for starting a pillowfight in the dormitories. He and Bisky got in further trouble when they convinced a friend to desert his post as gatekeeper to spend the night with them, and were punished to clean the cellars.

Dwink was part of the group who searched the underground tunnels beneath Redwall for the jewels of the Great Doomwyte Idol. Dwink, along with Samolus Fixa, Umfry Spikkle, Skipper Rorgus, Bosie, and Tugga Bruster, went to find Bisky and Dubble who were kidnapped by the Painted Ones.

When the Guosim and Redwallers were ambushed by the Painted Ones, Dwink asked (and was reluctantly given) permission to capture a Painted One for information, and to give them a hostage. This plan backfired, however, and Dwink was captured and nearly killed by Jeg before being saved by Spingo and Bisky.

Later, Tugga Bruster pushed Dwink into a ditch, badly breaking his footpaw, during an argument about how to treat the surrendered Painted Ones. For a while after this incident, Dwink had to use a wheelchair, and Perrit and Umfrey helped wheel him round, until he could walk on his cast. During this time, Dwink had a vision from Martin the Warrior that told him one of the already-found Doomwyte jewels needed to be guarded, which Aluco agreed to do. The vision proved to be true because Tugga Bruster intended to steal the jewel to frame Pikehead Nokko , who had attempted to rescue Dwink from Tugga earlier and humiliated the shrew.

Dwink, with the aid of Perrit and Umfrey, helped to find one of the missing rubies which was hidden in the Abbey itself. Afterwards, he learned to walk on his cast, and set out to find the other Doomwyte jewels that were still missing. While searching for one of the emeralds, Skipper Rorgus, Perrit, Foremole Gullub Gurrpaw, and Dwink met Blodd Apis in Mossflower Woods. Apis tricked the four travelers into getting drunk, but Foremole was able to save the group. Afterwards, Dwink returned to the Abbey, where he married Perrit, whom he had fallen in love with after their adventures together. Some time after their daughter's birth, Perrit was named Abbess of Redwall, with Dwink and the retired Abbot Glisam as advisors to help her.

Trivia Edit

  • Dwink is, as far as is known, the only character to be married to a ruler of Redwall.
  • Dwink is also one of the few youngbeasts in the series to need a wheelchair - the other two known are Sister Amyl and Martha Braebuck.