Place of Origin:Unknown, possibly Noonvale
Weapon: A tiny sling and stones
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Dwopple was a mischievous mouse Dibbun of Redwall Abbey. He was the nephew of Deesum, and a member of the Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. Dwopple often tormented Florian, the hare in charge of the Noonvale troupe, usually with missiles from his tiny slingshot.

Dwopple had a love of causing trouble. Once, he caused the complete destruction of a balancing act by shooting a pebble at the creatures on the bottom of the pyramid. Later, when the troupe practiced a magic show by the Abbey Pond, Dwopple and his friends Blinny and Wugger sabotaged the rehearsal by revealing the secrets of the magic tricks to the other Dibbuns and pouring honey over Florian's drum. Twice, Dwopple, Blinny, and Wugger dressed up in cloaks and ashes, pretending to be Marlfoxes, or 'Marmfloxes', as they called them. They used the disguises in attempts to pilfer food from the Abbey Kitchens, but were caught both instances. Dwopple also led a group of Dibbuns to make a horrid mess in the kitchens, claiming they were making a 'shrimpberry pie' for Skipper.

Dwopple played a significant role in the war with the Marlfoxes, as his capture by the Marlfox Mokkan was the instigator of the conflict. The subsequent charge led by the Redwallers to rescue Dwopple resulted in Log-a-Log being killed by Fenno, Elachim being slain by Predak, Nutwing being killed by Ascrod, and the tapestry of Martin the Warrior being stolen by the Marlfoxes.