Dymphnia Witherspyk

Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Sable Quean

Dymphnia Witherspyk was a hedgehog who lived on a large house-raft that floated around the river system of Mossflower Woods. She was the wife of Oakheart Witherspyk, the daughter-in-law of Crumfiss Witherspyk, and the mother of Dubdub, Jiddle, Jinty , Trajidia, Rambuculus and Auroria Witherspyk. She was also the foster-mother of Rainbow and Rikkle. When Buckler, Diggs and Flib first encountered the Witherspyk Performing Players, she happily welcomed them onto the Streamlass to share supper.

Through a series of events, Dymphnia, Oakheart, and Dubdub ended up at Redwall Abbey. When Diggs was injured and came to believe himself to be a Salamandastron colonel, she recalled a technique she had used on her own husband to restore his memory.

Dymphnia, her family and the entire Witherspyk Company ended up taking residence at Redwall permanently.

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