The Eastern Coast/Lands is a strip of land bordering the Eastern Sea and separated from the Western Coast by a relatively small stretch of barren land near the Broadstream River. The weather in the Eastern Coast is cold, windy and very humid and fierce carnivorous sea gulls and gannets populate the shores. Corsair attacks from the Eastern Sea are more rare than on the Western Sea.

The northern part of the coast is protected by steep cliffs and bordered by hills, a small scrubby woodland, and marshes. A colony of pygmy shrews resides in caves along the cliffs. Nestled against the North Hills, was once Fort Marshank, ruled by Badrang the Tyrant, who sought to conquer the Eastern Coast but fortunately failed. A small grave was laid by the cliff for Juniper, one of Badrang's former slaves who died fighting the tyrant.

South down the coast is the Northeastern Forest where Noonvale stayed hidden. Further south are some hinterlands, inhabited by Shoredog's Holt, and even further south are some fields, where Camp Tussock is located. The mid-eastern hills are inhabited by hares.

The Eastern Coast was also home to a family of badgers, including Ambrevina Rockflash.

There are fewer mentions to the Eastern Coast than to the Western Coast in the Redwall universe.

Note: There is a slight discrepancy between the cardinal orientation and the map drawn in Martin the Warrior. On the map, the South cliffs are placed to the cardinal north of Fort Marshank, the North hills are placed to the South of the Fort. The text of the book confirms this orientation and mentions that Martin and his friends were washed "south" of the fort.


The Eastern Coast appear in Martin the Warrior, Outcast of Redwall, The Long Patrol, and Loamhedge and is mentioned in The Sable Quean.

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