Egbert the Scholar


Place of Origin:Southsward
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

"Must be summat wrong with that 'un- he's goin' to miss all the fightin'!"

Finnbarr Galedeep

Egbert the Scholar was a mole who did not speak like most moles do, but spoke a far more normal dialect than traditional mole speech. His original name was Soilburr, but not wanting to live a rustic mole existence, he secretly moved into tunnels near Castle Floret in Southsward and changed his name. He spent his time learning by reading and writing scrolls in a secret room in Castle Floret. During the Battle of Southsward, using the healing skills he had learned, he healed Rab Streambattle and Muta.

He also tried to save as many scrolls from the Squirrelking's library as he could, as the rats had been using them to light fires. Egbert helped defeat Urgan Nagru by allowing Mariel and her friends to navigate though his tunnels to different parts of the castle, but he didn't take part in the battle, because Egbert disliked the war and slaughter and preferred the peace and harmony. During the bloodthirsty battle, Egbert protected and hid with Benjy, Wincey, and Figgs, three castaways found by the crew of the Pearl Queen. After the battle was won, the title of Castle Librarian and Archivist of Floret, Official Recorder for Southsward Country and Dynastic Concordance Coordinator to the House of Gael was bestowed upon him, which came with a huge medal, the symbol of his office.

Not to be confused with Brother Egburt.