Ellayo Swifteye


Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Blackthorn Stick
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Ellayo Swifteye was the mother of Janglur, wife of Gawjo, grandmother of Songbreeze, and the mother-in-law of Rimrose. She was a shrewd, no-nonsense type of squirrel, and cared very deeply for the well-being of her family. She carried a blackthorn stick as both a walking aid and a weapon, and was known for being a terrible snorer, a trait which Songbreeze inherited.

Ellayo and her husband Gawjo initially had a home in Mossflower Woods. Shortly after the birth of their son Janglur, Gawjo learned of the threat of the Marlfox family to Mossflower. He set off to find their island and drive them out, but did not return. Ellayo and Janglur spent many seasons wandering Mossflower looking for Gawjo, and continued the nomadic lifestyle even after Janglur had married Rimrose and fathered Songbreeze.

When the Marlfoxes Ascrod and Vannan threatened the Swifteye encampment, and were driven off by Janglur, Ellayo was irritated at her son for not letting her have a chance to fight them. She relocated, with all of her family, to Redwall Abbey, to warn them of the danger. While at Redwall, Ellayo displayed many useful qualities. She was very good at making scones and other goodies. She had some healing skills as well, which served the Abbey well when there were casualties from the war with the Marlfoxes to be seen to, and the infirmary needed extra help. She was also able to provide useful information about the Marlfoxes to Song and Dann when they set out to find the island. Furthermore, she and Cregga slew Ascrod at the final battle against the Marlfoxes; Ellayo helped the blind badger aim the longbow, since Cregga was far stronger than Ellayo and could fire the shot farther. After the defeat of the enemy, Ellayo was finally reunited with her husband when Song and Dann found Gawjo and brought him back.

Ellayo, while often stern, had a sense of humor, being among several creatures to christen Florian Dugglewoof Wilffachop "Florian Forkbottom" after he tried to pass off having sat on a fork as a war wound. She also bit an overdramatic Deesum on the tail to snap her out of a fake fainting fit.