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As I've read the books of Redwall, (I am currently in the process of reading The Legend of Luke), I have noticed some really strange and silly deaths. Most notable to me was the death of Klitch. I read the book a while ago, but for what I remember, he did know about the water's poisoning. The death of Ublaz Mad Eyes I noticed was very very incomplete. Grath Longfletch had all right to kill him, but Martin II I thought was a decent enough choice, too, but stepping on a snake? No. Next, the death of Slagar the Cruel was also incomplete. Falling down a well was a little bit unexpected, and some characters had more right to kill him, such as Matthias in the place of Mattimeo and Orlando in the place of Auma. Next, Gabool the Wild's killer did not deserve that right. Rawnblade Widestripe throwing a scorpion at him was a little daft, and I think Mariel or Joseph deserved to kill him. Finally, Mokkan's death was a little bit strange in manner, but at least Nettlebud had some right. It would have been better had the spear of killed Mokkan directly, and I thought that the Teeth of the Deeps had all eaten each other. That is my input on lame deaths.

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