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Redwall Wiki:Making Fun of Villain Leaders' Deaths

I thought this would be a funny thing to do. Tell me if you don't get the joke.

Cluny: Guess you wouldn't want bells at your funeral if you had one! Yeah. I went there.
Tsarmina: I thought cats didn't like water.
Slagar: Lassie! Slagar's stuck in the well!
Gabool: Ooh, that must be one big blister!
Ferahgo: Don't do bloodwrath.
Badrang: Courage the cowardly stoat got killed by a 1 hit K.O.
Nagru: If Joseph took all those skins he could be a mousefoxwolf.
Swartt: Maybe you should get some books on parenting...
Ublaz: Just a few disadvantages of owning a deadly snake...
Damug: Tell your kids not to play with badgers.
Mokkan: Say hi to the deepcoiler Samkim killed!
Vilu: You sank, just like the titanic. Your heart won't go on!
Ungatt: You're all washed up!
Sawney: Taste the Rath.
Gruven: Not anymore he isn't!
Kurda: This is why you shouldn't run with scissors...or swords.
Raga: Your last use was to serve as a Bol-ing ball.
Gulo: Gulo! Gulo! Gulo! Headless! Headless! Headless!
Riggu: Aww, poor kitty half-face got no brain.
Vizka: Silly Fox. Don't play with fire.
Korvus: You mess with the otter, you get the crudely fashioned double-bladed sword.

Again, if you don't get the joke, leave a message on my talk page. signed, Swordbearer <+>()-

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