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The Most Disappointing Villain Deaths of All Time

  • Cluny - Oh, the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells... {continously saying bells}
  • Tsarmina - We're buildin' a water park in Mossflower! Yeehoo!
  • Slagar - You've got all the land below ground, man. All the land below it. No Malkariss or Matthias to waylay you now.
  • Gabool - Remember kids: Pet scorpions must be treated properly, and fed properly.
  • Klitch - Warning: ecstasy leads to imminent death.
  • Badrang - Finish him! {A mouse in Bloodwrath appears and attacks} Fatality!
  • Urgan - That thing on yer 'ead wasn't a very good idea, now was it?
  • Swartt - "Don't let the Stripedog leave the room 'till I come back!" "Not to let 'im leave the room even if ye come back." "No!" (conversation goes on between him and his troops until Veil and Bryony arrive) "Oh, we have company."
  • Ublaz - Your strength is your weakness.
  • Damug - Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!
  • Mokkan - (a hare arrives just before a lake of water. A stunt double fox is strangled, pushed in, and slowly drowns) And now for something completely different.
  • Vilu - (a ship sinks, and Redwall's TV show theme plays)
  • Ungatt - These are the days of Ungatt Trunn, son of King Mortspear, brother of Verdauga Greeneyes, punching bag for Lord Brocktree, and Groddil's fish bait.
  • Gruven - (maniacal laughter) Gruven Zann Juska- (disc scratches) -bor?
  • Kurda - You lost it.
  • Raga Bol - (Lonna takes out a Bol-ing ball, and it continuously spins, killing all 10 ratpins) Steerike!
  • Riggu - (a gun fires, and once the bullet hits a goose, it comes back and hits the shooter) Boomerang Bullet Bills! They come back to slay you!

I didn't mock Ferahgo and Gulo because their deaths were actually satisfying. Ferahgo was replaced with Klitch for death mockery. Vizka was not included because I haven't read Eulalia! yet.

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