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Sometimes I am moved by some of the good guy deaths in Redwall. One of the ones that I am most moved by is Felldoh's. He is my favorite character in all of Redwall. I know what he was doing was brave, but I thought that he didn't have to do it. I realize how much anger he had against Badrang the Tyrant, but he didn't have to go out alone and face Badrang. This isn't totally Felldoh's fault, though. If Badrang wasn't the coward he was, he wouldn't have sounded the alarm to kill Felldoh. Another lame death is Rose's. It's sad, too. If she had survived the battle, she would have probably married Martin. But, then again, if she hadn't died, Martin probably wouldn't go to Mossflower and save the foresters. That would lead to more tragedies and a very different storyline. That's all I have to share on this subject right now.

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