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I don't think your examples for Good v.s. Evil are very good.

1)Janglur Swifteye was an unusual squirrel who was very skilled in the art of war. The Marlfox that he managed to scar was headstrong, so therefore a powerful squirrel like him, wise and intelligent should have been competent enough to defeat a Marlfox like him. And who said that particular Marlfox was a pride; rather he was a shame rather to the Marlfoxes.

2) Martin the Warrior was a warrior who was better than a Taggerung, as mentioned in the book the Taggerung (book) by Brian Jaques. Hence it stands to reason that such a warrior could stand up to a poising bully and the excuse for a horde leader and defeat him without a weapon and quote from Mossflower by Gonff "you are as strong as a rock......" and in Pearls of Lutra Mother Auma says that Martin II has the power of Bloodwrathing badgerlord or summat like that and if Martin 2 is descended from the original Martin the Warrior then it stands to reason that he was perhaps more powerful. So you cannot compare Martin to Badrang.

3) Trisscar Swordmaid was the daughter of a powerful swordsquirrel and Princess Kurda was a talented swordsferret but I don't think that she could stand up to a warrior maid who inherited that power.

These are my reasons and why I think your reasons aren't powerful enough anybody feel free to write a rebuttal to this rebuttal.

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