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One issue I would like to discuss is the general weakness of the main villains in most Redwall tales. None of them (with the exception of Cluny, who was too difficult to defeat with only swordplay) can face up to the hero of a Redwall novel. Let me give a list of examples:

In Martin the Warrior, Badrang was shaking in his fur when Martin the Warrior completely outmatched him. Though Martin sustained a few wounds, Badrang was scared and unnerved by him. Badrang had the longer and better weapon and the advantage of size, but Martin completely dominated the combat.

In Marlfox, an expert assassin was killed by Janglur in one-on-one combat. Janglur was armed with a small sling, and the Marlfox was armed with a double-bladed axe. The fat squirrel beat the expert assassin without breaking a sweat!

In Triss, the protagonist beat Princess Kurda easily. The ferret was an expert swordmaster, but an untrained, amateur squirrelmaid beat her hands-down.

With the exception of the Wearet, none of the villains ever had enough skill to defeat a main character in a duel. Also, every one of the villains were deathly afraid of all of the protagonists. In contrast, many villains of other fictional novels fought viciously to the death. If you read all of the books, you will see that no single villain can defeat a good hero in his/her prime. When they do defeat a hero, it is because they have superiority of numbers or the hero is wounded, exhausted, or ambushed. This strikes me as slightly unrealistic and makes me wonder why the villains have such a shocking deficit of skill.

Did you find this too? Feel free to leave any comments.

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