Place of Origin:Land of Ice and Snow
Weapon: Curved sword and a long dagger
Death: Killed by Zerig
Appears: Rakkety Tam

Fargil was a male white fox in Gulo the Savage's horde. He was sent with Zerig's half of the horde, and along with Graddu scouted Redwall Abbey. He was knocked unconscious in a fight with Sergeant Wonwill and sent back to Zerig with the carcass of Graddu on his back, with the message that they should not attack, that it was futile. Zerig didn't like to hear this, and when Fargil tried to run away, Zerig grabbed an ermines spear and threw it at Fargil, killing him.

Zerig later skinned Fargil's carcass and used his pelt as a war banner.