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Fermald the Ancient

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Old age
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Fermald the Ancient, was a very old female squirrel of Redwall Abbey who was exceptionally introverted in her old age and chose to live alone in the abbey's attic. She became seemingly senile and was usually content being alone and would often recite cryptic riddles and rhymes. Fermald quite enjoyed fishing on the abbey pond, chasing after Grimjaw, the giant grayling. She also carried with her an exquisitely carved wooden spoon.

When the injured weasel Graylunk arrived at the abbey with a terrible head wound, Fermald befriended him, and he lived with her in the attic. She cared for him before he died, and she also hid his stolen treasure, the Tears of all Oceans, throughout the abbey after his death. Writing a short but difficult riddle for each individual pearl, she hid all six of them carefully throughout the abbey. She also gave her wooden spoon to Graylunk.

Although she does not appear alive in the story, the aftermath of her actions before her death creates the impetus for much of the plot in Pearls of Lutra. Oddly enough, she is not mentioned in Mattimeo, even though her title contains "the Ancient", and she was most obviously around at that time. She may already have been living alone by then.

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