Figalok Twigbenda

Place of Origin:Northeast Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Javelin, blowpipe
Death: Unknown
Appears: Loamhedge

Figalok Twigbenda was an elderly but sprightly female squirrel; she wore a yellow and russet tunic and lived with a colony of squirrels in the northeastern part of Mossflower Woods. She helped Lonna Bowstripe to get rid of pain of his back, and cured him of a limp; Lonna later repaid her by slaying Rakkaw Ravin, who had been menacing the squirrel's colony. Figalok came to Lonna's aid when he was attacked by the sons of Wirga, blowing through the wrong end of a blowpipe one of the rats carried and causing him to choke on his own dart. Before leaving Lonna to continue his journey alone, Figalok claimed the blowpipe from the son of Wirga that she had slain.