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Place of Origin:Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Natural defenses
Death: unknown
Appears: Gingiverian: A tale of Redwall

Dippertail was a peregrine falcon, with the blueish-gray feathers of his kind. He was orphaned as a day-old hatchling in Mossflower Woods by vermin robbers; Skipper's ottercrew brought him to Redwall, where he was raised to adulthood. He wore a tasseled grey hood, and a white knit scarf. Dippertail was very educated for a bird, knowing many things about Abbey history and lore. His main job in the Abbey was that of guardian, keeping his sharp eyes peeled for signs of trouble. He was very competent, able to handle just about any situation from a Dibbun falling in the pond to vermin attempting to break in the abbey gate; in those few situations he cannot handle, he knew exactly where to go for aid. He was a bit of a show-off when flying, performing elaborate loops and dives for the benifit of those watching.

Shermwood "Shermy" Whippabonce Thropple-Ffoliott

Place of Origin:Redwall
Weapon: Sling, small Carpenter's axe
Death: unknown
Appears: Gingiverian: A tale of Redwall

Shermy was a dusty-furred leveret, and the grandson of the famous late "Mad Maudie" Muggberry Thropple (his father was her son). He normally wore a black shirt under a red tunic, which he belted with a white Abbey habit cord. Shermy's parents, being gentle and sickly creatures not suited to the rough regimental life of Salamandastron, moved into Redwall Abbey just a few days before he was born; sadly, they both passed on while he was still a Dibbun. Shermy had the famed speed and monstrous appetite typical of hares and was, for the most part, a very peaceful creature, much like his parents. However, he singlehandedly took on a large snake threatening a Dibbun, armed with only a small carpenter's hatchet and his strong buck teeth; he later helped defend the abbey from vermin using a sling. During the peaceful times, he studied, under the tutelage of Grandmum Dawbil, to be an Abbey healer, and acquired considerible skill of his own; he discovered the wounded wildcat Sy Stoneclaw and helped nurse her back to health. When not in the infirmary, or in Abbey School, he spent most of his time with his friends Ayeriss the Hedgehog, Tings the mousemaid, and Raggle the squirrel - the last two named were his age but the first was a few seasons his senior. He has the honor of being one of the few creatures known to receive multiple messages from Martin the Warrior.

Biddee Pinspikes

Place of Origin:Redwall
Weapon: none
Death: unkonown
Appears: Gingiverian: A tale of Redwall

Biddee was a very disobedient hogmaid Dibbun. She had silvery spikes and wore the green or white smock that most Dibbuns do. She was the third youngest of the many children of Furze and Teezl Pinspikes: her brothers and sisters were Kavvin, Ruddtipp, Ayeriss, Eethian, Dahleeah, Buttrycupp, Jazppur, Veera, Frinjjy, Jonjon, Kwinnsee, Harrbuckll, Feliks, and Shingul (in order of age). She was a bit speedy for her age, able to outrun most of the Abbey Elders when it was time to catch her for bathtime or bedtime. She was more solitary than other Dibbuns, shunning the usual gangs or groups to cause mischeif on her own. Like all young Pinspikeses, she dreamt of the day when she would be old enough to join her family on walltop guard duty; this desire was strengthened by the untimely death of one of her sisters, who unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time during an attempted vermin raid.


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