Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Taggerung

Filorn was the mother of Deyna and Mhera, the wife of Rillflag, and the ancestor of Churk, Rumbol, and Skipper. Filorn lived at Redwall Abbey with her daughter after her husband was killed and her son disappeared, and she grieved for them a good deal at first. She was a great cook and helped in the Kitchen. Filorn was friends with all Abbey creatures, and Boorab the Fool was especially fond of her. She was also friends with Cregga Rose Eyes and Broggle.

After Deyna was wounded by Vallug Bowbeast and brought back into the Abbey unconscious, Filorn was the first to recognize him; she managed to break Deyna's grip on the sword of Martin the Warrior by singing a baby song that caused him to reflexively open his paws.

Filorn and Mhera allowed Deyna to be taken to Rukky Garge; they were told that he would return, healed, when the russet apples fell. The day that the first apple did fall, Filorn waited with her daughter on the Abbey walltop, and they remained there for three nights and two days until they saw Deyna coming and reunited with him on the path outside of the Abbey.