Fireside Tales was a play produced at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre from December 8, 1983 - January 7, 1984. It featured shorts from several Liverpudlian writers that were intended to be a mixture of horror and comedy.

A continuous narrative linked the stories together. When a traveler enters a Liverpool pub on a dreary night, he encounters several mysterious strangers who share stories with him and then vanish into the building's basement.

Brian Jacques was one of the main contributors.


  • Richard Tate as Sam O'Shanker
  • Carl Chase
  • Nicky Furre
  • Ashley Knight
  • Billy Geraghty
  • Brendan Hughes
  • Adrian Lukis
  • Jackie Downey


  • Director: Andrew Dickson
  • Set Design: Andy Greenfield
  • Lighting: John Parkinson
  • Writers: John Dooley, Roger Hill, Jim Hitchmough

Running Order

Act 1:

  • Firebird by Taylor Lovering
  • Comedians by Terry Morgan
  • Long Pig by Brian Jacques
  • Billy's Tale by Kenny Murray
  • U.F.O. by Roger Hill
  • Pac Man Rap inspired by Roger Hill

Act 2:

  • Merry String Vest by Jim Hitchmough
  • The Hands of Dr. Satan by Greta McDonnell, inspired by Earl Robert Trent
  • Howl by Ivor Benjamin
  • Sam O'Shanker's Drive by Willy Russell

Long Pig


Local media described Brian Jacques' "Long Pig" as a "grisly tale" that gave "firm shape" to the performance. It involved a class of schoolboys "devouring their master."

Early works of Brian Jacques

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