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Place of Origin:Northern Mossflower Woods
Weapon: Sling
Death: Unknown
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Firjak was the son of the area Squirrelqueen, the father of Elmjak and responsible for allying the squirrels and otters of Mossflower Woods. When he was practically a Dibbun he was captured by searats along with an equally young ottermaid named Bankrose. Firjak freed himself, killed the sentries, and freed Bankrose. He then proceeded to carry her to a sycamore tree and held off the rats with his sling and bag of pebbles. His last pebble was a flat green one, later carved into a sycamore leaf as a symbol of the squirrel-otter alliance, and his Oakden. However he was sorely wounded during the scuffle, and his footpaw was so lamed that he rarely climbed a tree after that, though he did learn to swim as well as an otter. This talisman was given to Sunflash the Mace by Elmjak.

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