Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Cutlass
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Firty was a rat Sea Raider aboard the vessel Bludgullet, commanded by Vizka Longtooth. He is described as being very short, almost runty.

Firty was sent with Vizka's brother, Codj, to scout for Redwall Abbey. While doing so, the rat heard the cries of young Redwall hedgehog Orkwil Prink, who had been exiled from the Abbey and who had unwittingly fallen asleep in a swamp. The hog was rescued only to be captured by the Sea Raiders.

Later, Firty was assigned to a group of forty Raiders whose job was to tunnel into the Abbey from the side of the ditch that ran alongside the path. He and another rat, Gerna, was sent to search for a good place for digging. They ran into trouble, however, in the form of Tantail and Dirril, two of Gruntan Kurdly's Brownrats. The larger rats gave Firty and Gerna a good beating. Vizka, believing the two to be on their own, charged, but soon found himself running for his life from the entire Brownrat horde.

Firty was later one of the five chosen crewmembers (the others were Dogleg, Patchy, Bilger and Ragchin) to leave with Vizka and return to the Bludgullet. However, disgusted by Vizka's cowardly flight from the Battle of the Plateau and his killing of Jungo and Glurma, Firty and the others ran away from Vizka. The others left instantly, but Firty stayed behind to hurl insults and the reasons for his desertion at the enraged fox. Vizka pursued him, but to no avail. Firty's fate is unknown.