Place of Origin:Sampetra
Weapon: Dagger
Death: Mutual Kill with Graylunk
Appears: Pearls of Lutra

Flairnose was a male weasel corsair of the Waveworm's crew, under Captain Conva. He and his crew had been sent by Ublaz Mad Eyes to Holt Lutra to murder the entire otter clan and take from them their primary treasure, the Tears of all Oceans. Once Conva had them in his grasp, Flairnose, along with his friend Graylunk, stole the pearls and fled into Mossflower Woods. However, the two weasels fought over the precious pearls along the way, and Graylunk killed his friend. However, before he died, Flairnose inflicted a headwound on Graylunk, which ended up killing him after a long spell of lingering.

Flairnose was a minor character - nothing further is known of him.