Fleabane TV Series
Fleabane from the Redwall TV Series

Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Spear
Death: Killed by Gawtrybe
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Fleabane was a male weasel in Badrang the Tyrant's army. He had previously sailed with Cap'n Tramun Clogg. Fleabane was not very superstitious and had an argument with fellow weasel Rotnose over a song sung by Keyla. At times, Fleabane was treated like a Captain, especially in the cliffside battle north of Marshank (presumably he was promoted to take Gurrad's place). He and another weasel Findo, were advance scouts on the way back to Marshank from this battle and were the first to report Clogg's short-lived occupation of Marshank.

During the final part of the Battle of Marshank, Fleabane was given command of the south wall, from which the Gawtrybe were attacking. Since all the soldiers on that wall were killed by the squirrels, it is presumed this is how he also found his end.