Species:Feral Cat
Place of Origin:Green Isle
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Accidentally killed by Weilmark Scaut and his soldiers
Appears: High Rhulain

Fleng was a scorecat in Riggu Felis' feral cat army on Green Isle. In the retaliation attack against the outlaw otter clans, Riggu Felis sent Fleng and twenty guards to pursue their enemies inland, promising to follow up behind. Riggu's true plot was to use Fleng as a diversion, while the rest of the army moved to the coast to seek out and destroy the otter's homes and families.

As a result, half of Fleng's guards were slain in one swift attack by the otters. Fleng and his eight remaining cats fled the scene. Later, still separated from the rest of the army, Fleng's small troupe spotted the otters Leatho Shellhound, Banya Streamdog and Kolun Galedeep heading back towards the fortress. Fleng devised that in order to avoid Riggu Felis' anger at their failure, he and his guards would follow silently behind the otters and make it look like they had herded them back to the fortress.

Unfortunately for Fleng, upon nearing the fortress, he and his eight guards were attacked by Weilmark Scaut and some soldiers on orders from Pitru. Scaut had thought that they were firing at otters in the bushes, only to find out too late that it had been Fleng. Fleng and six guards were slain.