Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Killed by Luke's tribe
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Floggtail was the searat first mate of the Greenhawk. He is a very minor character, and little is known about him. What we do know about him is from a short conversation he had with Reynard Chopsnout, captain of the Greenhawk.

Floggtail presented a plan to capture Luke the Warrior's tribe, which the Sea Rogues thought consisted of only two beasts. The plan, invented by Wippback and Scritchy, consisted of sneaking up on the beasts on shore and murdering them. Reynard was opposed to this plan, because the Greenhawk was taking on water and might sink if the crew took the time to prepare an ambush. Neither plan would give them a fighting chance, because the Luke's tribe had prepared for every eventuality.