Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Sword
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Folderum was a young male hare cadet who served as a Galloper in the Long Patrol, under the leadership of Lady Violet Wildstripe. When Lady Violet took some of her young cadets on a patrol, Folderum tried to impress her with his observant nature by claiming to hear a brook nearby; however, Peasblossom revealed that he had patrolled the area before, and already knew the brook was there.

When Lady Violet decided that the patrol should stay the night out in the open, Major Felton Fforbes put Folderum, Grumby and Frubbs Minor on sentry duty. During the night, Grumby wandered off to get a drink from the brook and was set upon by a band of vermin from the crew of Razzid Wearat. Sending Frubbs back to camp for help, Folderum recklessly charged in alone against the vermin, startling them long enough to allow Grumby to get free and fight alongside him. The two hares held the vermin off until Frubbs arrived with the rest of the patrol, who chased the vermin off across the heathlands.

Not to be confused with Folderon.