Place of Origin:Salamandastron
Weapon: Javelin
Death: Killed by Captain Zigu
Appears: Outcast of Redwall

Fordpetal was a young female Salamandastron hare who had a crush on Bradberry. During the first attack by Swartt Sixclaw's horde, she was severely injured by Captain Zigu with a spear, when she was retreating as part of a detatchment of Sleepers. Zigu then proceeded to beat her with the flat of his rapier - the force of the blows, combined with her already grievous wound, was enough to kill her before she could be saved. Bradberry and Bloggwood retrieved Fordpetal, now dead from the spear wound, during the subsequent duel between Sabretache and Zigu. Bradberry later spoke to Sunflash the Mace over her body, mourning the death of the haremaid and questioning the reasons behind war and unnecessary death.