Fort Marshank from the TV Series

Fort Marshank was an unfinished timber-and-stone fortress and slave encampment on the northern part of the Eastern Coast that Badrang the Tyrant ruled with an iron fist, along with a cruel army of weasels, rats, ferrets and foxes

Marshank was built after Badrang, a northern corsair captain, scuttled his ship and headed northeast with his army, capturing slaves as he went. Upon arrival at the Eastern Coast, Badrang decided to conquer the region and had the fortress built with his slaves.


The fortress was rectangular, with a single gate and high stone walls protecting from any attack. They were wide enough to allow the hordesbeasts to man them effectively. The horde and its leader lived in a wooden longhouse, but Marshank's slaves lived in a large compound surrounded by a wooden palisade and were sometimes thrown into a prison pit, a deep dirt hole covered with a heavy wooden lattice. Near the beginning of the story, the slaves and their allies dug a though a secret tunnel out of the prison pit into a nearby rocky outcropping. Both the slaves and the hordebeasts put the tunnel to good use.

Marshank fell in the Battle of Marshank, and was seemingly deserted afterwards.

Known Slaves


Marshank appears in Martin the Warrior.