Frederick Lloyd

Known Year(s):1896
Place of Origin:London
Appears in:Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Frederick Lloyd, aka "Flash", was a member of a group of London bullies hired by Percival Bowe's company in order to terrorize Mrs Winn into selling her home. He rode to Chapelvale in an automobile, which the thugs had stolen, and sat next to Gripper in the front. He loved to wear flashy outfits, hence his nickname.

Flash was in some ways more observant than Gripper and would often notice signs of the road or landmarks to help the gang find the way to the village. However Gripper would seldom listen to him and did not like the fact that Flash sometimes questioned his lies. Gripper would often hit Flash harshly and punch him in the stomach, the arm or the shin. Flash also had the tendency to tell the truth too quickly.

Even though he was hired by her father, Flash did not particularly like Maud Bowe and found her snotty.

Flash and his mates eventually fell into a trap set by Constable Judmann and Neb and were arrested for the theft of Colonel Busby Hythe Simmonds's car. After being interrogated, the thugs confessed they had been hired by Maud's father.

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