Distinguishing Features:The longboat of the Sprayraider, with two Guosim logboats as outriggers
Captain(s):Grath Longfletch
Destruction:Hull Breach after collision with iceberg
Appears in:Pearls of Lutra

The Freebeast was originally a single-sailed longboat which once served as the dinghy from the Sprayraider and had been stolen by Grath Longfletch. After being wrecked and repaired twice, this vessel was finally given its name by Martin II when it was outfitted with a tall mast and two Guosim logboats on each side which served as outriggers. The ship was thus well adapted for seafaring and could be maneuvered by sail and oars.

The Freebeast was used by Grath and her friends in their mission to save Abbot Durral who had been kidnapped by Romsca and Lask Frildur. The ship met its end when it crashed into an iceberg on the journey to Sampetra. Only the larboard Guosim logboat survived the crash and was used by Grath and her friends on their continuing journey.

Known Crew Members

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