Distinguishing Features:Three mastheads, red banners
Captain(s):Barranca, later Martin II
Appears in:Pearls of Lutra

The Freebooter was captained by Barranca, and the finest ship in the fleet of Ublaz Mad Eyes. It was known for having streaming red banners and three mastheads.

Freebooter was scuttled by Sagitar Sawfang and her Trident Rats in an effort to quell a rebellion led by Barranca.

Groojaw and a group of corsairs later made the ship seaworthy again, however, it was acquired by Welko and Viola Bankvole while they were burning the rest of Ublaz's fleet.

Clecky later renamed the ship Seaking.

Not to be confused with the Freebooters.

Crew of the Freebooter

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