Friar Bibble

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: High Rhulain

Friar Bibble was a tubby, male shrew of Redwall Abbey who served as the head cook in the kitchens. He was cheerful and kind, and loved by the Dibbuns for his sugarplum pudden. His freshwater Shrimp and Hotroot Soup was famous among the otters, as he added special ingredients.

One night, after a good day's work, Tiria Wildlough was sent to the Kitchens by Abbess Lycian for a treat. Friar Bibble gave her the "Friar's Special": damsons and crushed almonds cooked in honey and aged cider. He told her not to tell anyone else, lest he have a full kitchen every night.

When Tiria, Brinty, Girry, Tribsy, Sister Snowdrop and Old Quelt were working on the riddles of the Geminya Tome, Friar Bibble kindly provided a delicious buffet for them.

When Tiria left Redwall to begin her journey to Green Isle, Friar Bibble was one of the first to know, for he filled haversacks full of provisions for her, Banjon Wildlough and Brink Greyspoke. He told Sister Snowdrop the next morning, and gave her a note from Tiria which explained her departure.


  • With the exception of Dubble, he is the only shrew to become a Redwall Abbey Friar.