Friar Butty


Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox, The Long Patrol

Friar Butty was a male squirrel who started off as a Redwall Abbey kitchen assistant, and later succeeded Mother Buscol as the head friar. Later, he succeeded Craklyn as the Recorder.

When he was younger, he helped Abbess Tansy and her friends to find the lost castle Kotir, buried beneath Redwall. The squirrel brought back a good deal of treasure from the ruin, at the expense of falling into an underground swamp and covering himself with phosphorescent mud; the treasure was later used to make medals for veterans of the Ridge of a Thousand conflict.

As he grew older, Butty acquired a rheumatic footpaw that was sensitive to weather changes, as well as a friendship with Nutwing, the elderly owl. When Nutwing was slain by the Marlfoxes, Butty grieved his loss dearly. For a long time, he was unable to sleep, saying that the old owl's snores had lulled him to sleep.

Butty also didn't sleep well on an empty stomach. This trait actually saved the Abbey; because of missing dinner, he was awake the early morning when Ascrod and Raventail's Band sneaked into the grounds through the main gate. The old squirrel immediately raised the alarm, and the vermin were kept from getting inside the Main Abbey Building.

Not to be confused with Butty Wopscutt.


  • Interestingly, both Friar Butty and Butty Wopscutt were head cooks in their respective locations.
  • He is the only known character in the entire Redwall series to be a Friar and Recorder.