Friar Chondrus

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Unknown
Appears: Eulalia!

Friar Chondrus was the head Kitchen Friar at Redwall Abbey during the time of Abbot Daucus. He was reprimanded by Daucus when he neglected his kitchens to watch the punishment of Orkwil Prink; Chondrus had suffered the theft of several eatables at Prink's paws. This incident aside, Chondrus was a very skilled and efficient cook, holding several impromptu feasts during Daucus' reign.

Chondrus was a minor character, not much else is known.


  • Chondrus is the genus of red seaweed, or algae. One species, Chondrus crispus, is one of the most prolific European Atlantic seaweeds and is used in several foods and beers. It is likely Friar Chondrus' name comes from this.