Friar Skurpul

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Death: Killed in landslide
Appears: Doomwyte

Friar Skurpul was the Kitchen Friar of Redwall Abbey during the reign of Abbot Glisam, and the younger brother of Foremole Gullub Gurrpaw. Skurpul was a jolly mole and well liked by all creatures of Redwall, especially Bosie, who loved his cooking. When he was called to help rescue Spingo from becoming buried alive, he gathered the molecrew, acting as depuly foremole as his brother was out questing for one of the Doomwyte Idol's eyes. He and his crew sailed with the Guosim in their logboats to the hillside (much to their dislike,) where Spingo had been buried alive in a tunnel collapse. Shortly after digging a tunnel to get to the buried Spingo, Skurpul realized the structure was unsteady and tried to get his crew to flee with Spingo and leave him behind. However, part of the caverns below the tunnel collapsed, and he and three of his moles plummeted to their deaths, unable to hold on to the safety ropes intended to keep them from falling.

Before his death, he also helped in the search for the "Friar's Grace," a tray from the days of Goodwife Stickle which held a clue to one of the locations of the Doomwtye Idol's eyes. These were later buried over the collapsed caverns, in honor of him and his three moles.


  • Aside from Grandmum Gurvel, Skurpul was the only known mole to be in charge of the Redwall Kitchens. He was also the only mole known to go by the title of "Friar".