Friar Wopple

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Rogue Crew

Friar Wopple was a bushy-furred vole who controlled the kitchens in Redwall Abbey. Like her predecessor Friar Soogum, she was renowned at Redwall for her singing voice; however, she often had to be coaxed into using it, being a slightly shy beast. She could be strict when she needed to - she punished Uggo Wiltud for stealing a fruitcake from her by forcing him to scrub a mountain of pots. However, she was for the most part a kindly beast. She was very close to the Infirmary Sister, Fisk; the two would take meals and have chats together.

It was during one such discussion, which took place on the walltops, that Fisk and Wopple heard Twoggs Wiltud calling them from down on the path outside. The nomadic and starving hedgehog had information to give regarding Razzid Wearat and his crew; the kindly Friar provided the wanderer with all the food she could gather on a moment's notice, and was sure to address her guest kindly in hopes of coaxing the information from her. When Twoggs asked for a sweet drink instead of the ale offered her, Wopple took the old one to the cellars to pick her own beverage. Unfortunately, the vole was not moving fast enough for Twoggs; she impatiently pushed past Wopple, and in doing so tripped and fell down the stairwell to her death. Wopple was terribly distressed by this incident, though she came to realize there was nothing she could have done to prevent it.

Wopple later took part in the offense against Razzid's invasion by helping Abbot Thibb fool Razzid into thinking the squirrel was actually the ghost of Martin the Warrior. She lent him oven mitts and a pudding mold to use as a makeshift helmet and gauntlets as part of his disguise. Later, Wopple was in her kitchens when Razzid tried to invade the abbey via a connecting kitchen storeroom; fortunately for her, he was slain before he could harm her.


  • Though not the first female friar, Wopple was the only known female Redwaller to actually go by the title of "Friar".