Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Fuffle, the son of Purslane and Groot, was a baby mouse rescued from Fort Marshank by Keyla and Brome, along with many other slaves.

Fuffle was a very fun-loving, full of energy, mischievous, and almost fearless creature.

When the freed slaves met the Rambling Rosehip Players, Fuffle was fascinated at the contents of their larder and their abundance and variety of food. He was especially fond of candied nuts and ate a handful before being scolded gently by his mother. Rowanoak the badger took an immediate liking to the little mouse and let eat him as many as wanted.

At the following feast, Fuffle's antics amused many beasts, as he dipped strawberry tart in his soup and stole pieces of Trefoil's honeyed apple every time she looked away. Fuffle's appetite and love for food was only matched by Ballaw de Quincewold's, who was also very fond of the baby mouse.

Fuffle occasionally helped his mother prepare meals and again created much laughter by behaving like a general cook. His natural talents as a comic made him a perfect participant for the Rosehip Players performances.