Gabool the Wild


Place of Origin:True origin unknown, long time resident of Terramort Isle
Weapon: Double-edged Cutlass, Daggers, Spear
Death: Stung by Skrabblag, thrown on him by Rawnblade Widestripe
Appears: Mariel of Redwall

Gabool the Wild was the self-proclaimed king of all searats. His titles included King of Searats, Lord of Terramort Island, Captain of Captains, Warlord of All Rodent Corsairs and Warlord of All Waters.

He wore a red cloak and gold earrings, and his beard was tied with blue and red silken ribbons. He also had gold teeth studded with emeralds. His primary weapon was a rare double-edged cutlass.

As a youth, Gabool captained the Ratwake with his second-in-command Greypatch. Later, Gabool ruled from Fort Bladegirt on the island of Terramort. One of his fleet captured Mariel Gullwhacker, her father Joseph, and his bell en route to Salamandastron. Gabool was a ruthless rat, killing off allies he believed to be enemies right and left. This led to the desertion of Greypatch.

Eventually, Gabool's obsession with interpreting symbols on the stolen bell descended into insanity. His dreams were haunted by Rawnblade Widestripe and every night he was awakened by the bell sounding mysteriously on its own. These continued nightmares caused Gabool to become more dangerous than ever. It was then that the escaped oarslaves, Rawnblade, Mariel, Dandin and Durry Quill, launched an attack upon Fort Bladegirt. After pursuing Gabool through Fort Bladegirt, Rawnblade Widestripe fell into a pit with the rat's pet, Skrabblag, but with the help of the spirit of Martin the Warrior he threw the scorpion at Gabool, which proceeded to kill him out of hatred for seasons of imprisonment. The scorpion was then slain by Dandin using The Sword of Martin.

Gabool's Fleet

Ship NameCaptain(s)Characteristics
Darkqueen Saltar, GreypatchBlack Galley with red sails; Gabool's best ship; scuppered by the Long Patrol
CrabclawSkullgor, GrimtoothCaptured ship; Originally called Periwinkle
WavebladeOrgeyeRenamed Gabriel after Gabool's death
BlacksailHookfinHad one triangular (presumably black) sail; Renamed Hon Rosie after Gabool's death
NightwakeRiptungRenamed Abbot Bernard after Gabool's death
GreenfangBludrigg, GarrtailUnknown; Sunk
RathelmFloggaUnknown; Sunk
SeatalonCatseyesUnknown; Sunk

Gabool, pictured with a pistol

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