Garraway Bullow

Place of Origin:Northern Mossflower
Weapon: Double-tipped Javelin
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Legend of Luke

Garraway Bullow was the Queen of all the Northern Otter River Tribes (NORT); an otter tribe in Flitchaye territory in northern Mossflower. She was the daughter of Daddo, the aunt of Folgrim and Tungro, sister-in-law of Bargud, and Skipper Warthorn's relative through marriage. Additionally, Garraway was an old and close friend of Gonff the Mousethief.

Garraway met Martin the Warrior and reunited with Gonff as the travelers were being attacked by the Flitchaye. They chased the vermin away successfully and invited Martin and his friends into their holt. Garraway was a very kind queen but conscious of her role as leader. She was firm and strict concerning the protection of the holt, especially the young otters, which were called Kitts.

Garraway advised Martin and his friends to travel to the Northlands by waterways. To this end, she lent them a raft, which Martin and his friends used to navigate down River Moss, until it was destroyed by crashing down a huge waterfall.

When Martin and his friends returned from their quest, accompanied by Tungro and Folgrim, Garraway welcomed them and discovered then her relationship with the younger otters. Garraway's Holt then joined the whole party on their journey back to Redwall Abbey. There she was reunited with Skipper Warthorn, her long lost relative.