Garraway Bullow's Holt was an otter holt located on the River Moss. The place itself was in fact a cavern dug under a large ancient beech tree in the bank of the river. The roots of the tree formed a ceiling and a stone hearth served to light the area and cook food.

The entrance of the holt area was marked by a timber and mud structure made by the otters and acting as a dam. The dam was later reinforced with an old willow laid across the banks. Further down the stream, a waterfall reduced by the dam, was used as a mudslide where young otters, called Kitts could play.

Many otters lived in the holt, both young and old, and Garraway Bullow was the Otterqueen of the tribes who lived there, called the Northern Otter River Tribes. The members of the NORT were very close to Gonff the Mousethief and greatly enjoyed his company.

Known Holt Members


Garraway Bullow's Holt appears in The Legend of Luke.

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