Gawjo Swifteye

Place of Origin:Redwall Abbey
Weapon: Twin Dagger and Bow and Arrows
Death: Unknown
Appears: Marlfox

Gawjo Swifteye was the husband of Ellayo Swifteye, father of Janglur, father-in-law of Rimrose, and grandfather of Songbreeze. Gawjo was a fat, stern, and old squirrel, with silvering fur. He had the same lazy, drooping eyes as his son.

Gawjo was a wanderer and an adventurer, leaving his family to search for the Marlfox's island. He found the island, but was captured and enslaved. He eventually escaped and made it across the lake, where he found Torrab and her friends, all hedgehogs whose parents had been slain by the Marlfoxes. Unable to find Ellayo and Janglur, he raised the hedgehogs as his children. He sometimes tried to get back to the island to free the slaves, but was always deterred by magpies, pike, and archers.

When he found Song and her friends, they all went back to the raft where Gawjo and the hedgehogs lived. Gawjo healed Megraw's dislocated wing, and the osprey eliminated the threat of the magpies, thus allowing Gawjo and the hedgehogs to finally invade the island.

After freeing the slaves, Gawjo went back to Redwall Abbey to live with his wife and family.