Gawjun by Allan Curless

Place of Origin:Southsward
Weapon: Mace
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Gawjun was a huge, primitive-looking hedgehog who, along with Deekeye, his wife, led a tribe of hedgehogs in Southsward. Gawjun participated in the Battle of Southsward, using large war clubs.

Gawjun and Deekeye encountered Bowly Pintips and his recuiting party on a dune. Not knowing whether Bowly and his friends were with Urgan Nagru, Gawjun initially acted warily towards the strangers. Once he realized that Bowly's group were on their side, he gave Bowly a hedgehog greeting, sealing their alliance.

The tribe of Gawjun and Deekeye confronted Nagru directly at the outskirts of Castle Floret, but were caught in a standoff, broken by reinforcements in the form of Joseph the Bellmaker and the crew of the Pearl Queen. During the skirmish Gawjun saved Gael Squirrelking's life by throwing him to the ground.

After the battle, Gawjun helped erect a monument to commemorate the Battle of Southsward.