Place of Origin:Marlfox Island
Weapon: Axe
Death: Killed with a blow to the head by Janglur Swifteye
Appears: Marlfox

Gelltor was a Marlfox, the son of Silth, and the brother of Mokkan, Lantur, Ziral, Predak, Vannan, and Ascrod. He was more violent and short-tempered, and seems to have possessed less guile than his siblings. He was often paired with Predak during raids.

Gelltor, along with four water rats, tried to sneakily gain entrance to Redwall Abbey by forcing open one of the wallgates. This was in order to pilfer valuables from the Abbey to bring back to Silth. However, Friar Butty had heard noises and discovered them. The plan was foiled by Janglur Swifteye and Rusvul Reguba. Janglur killed the rat who was opening the lock (Fatchur) and Rusvul injured Gelltor.

After this, Gelltor wanted to start an all-out war against the Redwallers. However, the idea was vetoed by Mokkan and the others. After the capture of Dwopple the mousebabe and the ensuing battle, in which Martin the Warrior's tapestry was thieved, Mokkan, who had lost the battle, faked his own shame and stayed behind, supposedly to guard the tapestry (in reality to take it home to Silth on his own) while the others attacked.

With Mokkan deserted, Gelltor took matters into his own paws. His first attempt to burn his way into the Abbey failed, but his later attempt with a siege ladder was more successful. Along with a gang of water rats, Gelltor gained access to the walltops, but his gang was routed by the Guosim shrews under Bargle and Gelltor was captured.

While the Redwallers were trying to decide what to do with him, Gelltor foolishly called Janglur Swifteye a coward, claiming that he needed an entire army behind him to fight. Janglur immediately challenged the Marlfox, opening the Abbey gate and saying that all he needed to do to escape was to pass him. After a short fight, Gelltor was killed by a blow to the head with Janglur's loaded sling. He was the second Marlfox to die.

He also appeared in one of Mokkan's nightmares.