Germaine's Riddle was a riddle solved by Mrs. Churchmouse, Cornflower and baby Rollo. However, many Abbey dwellers participated and assisted in the process by providing clues or helping to dig them out of hidden places.

When Slagar the Cruel took the young ones of Redwall Abbey as slaves to an unknown location, he managed to cover up his trail, preventing the Abbey dwellers from following him. Thankfully, Abbot Mordalfus received a message from the Spirit of Martin the Warrior. This message led to a rock chamber where the redstone statue of Abbess Germaine had been placed. By deciphering and solving the Loamscript verse written on a stone tablet from the statue, John Churchmouse and his friends discovered where the young ones were taken. Using the services of Queen Warbeak and her warriors, the Abbey dwellers sent directions to the search party led by Matthias and allowed them to save Mattimeo and his friends.

Note: John Churchmouse was the only one who was able to read Loamscript.

Characters Who Helped Solve the Riddle


Germaine's Riddle appears in Mattimeo.

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