Place of Origin:Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: Martin the Warrior

Geum was an old, irritable female mouse and a former slave at Fort Marshank. She managed to escape with other slaves when Brome and Keyla guided them through a tunnel towards freedom.

Geum was one of very few relatively unsympathetic mouse characters. A very critical mousewife, she had the tendency to complain and nag about everything, even at the risk of endangering the safety of other creatures. She was very self-righteous and did not seem very grateful to those who had saved her and spoke harshly and unjustly of Felldoh. However, she herself did not accept any slight criticism or apparent disrespect from others. She was slightly self-concerned and did not want to fight Badrang the Tyrant, preferring to run away and enjoy her own freedom, rather than eliminate the evil he had brought in the area. Because of all this, she is sometimes seen as the opposite of Purslane.

On her positive side, Geum was a good cook and knew how to take care of younger creatures. Geum, Purslane, Burrwen and Ferndew helped prepare a liberation meal to celebrate the first evening of the recently freed slaves.


  • Geum is the genus of the avens flower.