Place of Origin:Unknown
Weapon: Kitchen knife
Death: Mutual Kill with Brother Tollum
Appears: The Sable Quean

Globby was a young stoat of the Sable Quean's Ravagers, under the team leader Daclaw. He was disobedient, impudent, and greedy; he caused Daclaw a lot of exasperation with his insolence.

Globby and his friend Dinko were sent to spy on Redwall Abbey, and see if there was any way to take some hostages from the structure. Defying Daclaw's orders to stay outside the Abbey, Globby gained entrance to Redwall by climbing a nearby tree and jumping onto the walltops. After a long search about, he made his way to the Kitchen, where he ate everything in sight, making a thorough mess of the place before falling asleep in the middle of the wreckage he had caused.

In the morning, Globby was captured by the Redwallers, who caught him while he was still asleep. He was sentenced to clean up the kitchens by Abbess Marjoram and Friar Soogum. Soogum later tied him to a table leg to prevent him escaping, but the old watervole forgot to clean the table of silverware, and Globby used a sharp knife to free himself.

After the two Dibbuns Tassy and Guffy went missing, the Abbeybeasts began searching for Globby to question him. Thinking they meant to harm him, Globby armed himself with the kitchen knife and sneaked off to the Abbey attics, only to be discovered by Bribby and pursued by Abbess Marjoram and several others.

Globby locked himself into an upper room; despite the Abbess' insistence that he was in no danger, he refused to come out of his hiding place, threatening to kill anybeast who came after him. In an effort to get the stoat to come out, Brother Tollum tried to swing in through the attic windows, but he collided with Globby and was killed by the knife. Globby suffered a severe injury to the throat in the collision and died shortly thereafter, his last words being "Althier, Althier, Sable Quean!"