Place of Origin:Southsward
Weapon: Unknown
Death: Unknown
Appears: The Bellmaker

Glogalog was the King of Marshtoads in Southsward. The king's name created some confusion when Finnbarr Galedeep and the crew of the Pearl Queen first encountered the marshtoads because Glogalog sounds very similar to Log-a-Log's name. When the shrews yelled their famous war cry, the marshtoads stopped attacking and called their king.

Glogalog made a dramatic entrance in the middle of the interrupted attack as a center of a procession of toads. He was transported on a hammock covered by a canopy and held a bulrush sceptre surmounted by a sun-bleached lizard skull.

Glogalog was an old and extremely large toad. Very conceited, he nonetheless treated Honorable Rosemary and Durry Quill with some deference to what he thought were their magical powers and called them Bulgums. Hon Rosie and Durry lived up to their appearance as magical creatures. Not only did they literally fall from the sky among the marshtoads, they could spit out fire, using searat seaweed grog.

When the Pearl Queen crew left, they taught their secret to Glogalog, who quickly abused his new powers.